And The Journey Begins...

About six months into their little wine adventure Tammy and Jeff made the decision to “go for it” and treat this fun wine “hobby” like a real business. That decision changed their lives, and the lives of others all over the country.

Tammy took the lead; she is the true face of the business.  Jeff focuses on the technical and logistical parts of the enterprise.  On any given week you will find Tammy doing a “Girls Night Out” tasting or fun afternoon tasting on the weekend, with Jeff joining her for couple’s tastings.

The business soon began to take off, garnering attention not only with the winery, but with media channels across the country.  From articles in local newspapers to national magazines Tammy’s story has been featured time and time again.

One of the reasons for their success is that they focus on the success of everyone around them.  From the beginning Tammy realized the need for great basic training and advanced leadership skills not only for herself, but for her entire team.  For the last 7 years Tammy has hosted a weekly training call that covers all aspects of the business.  Initially she and Jeff did the training themselves, but as new leaders developed she helped them develop their leadership skills and utilized each of their unique talents to train the entire team.

In the process she has created the most incredible leadership team in the company. The majority of the sales and leadership awards every year are presented to members of her team.  In the process Tammy has earned every major award that the company gives and continues to earn accolades every year.

One thing that Tammy is focused on is to continue to do the daily and weekly tasks that she asks all of her team members to do. She continues to hold tastings, sponsor new team members and help those new to the business just as she did from the beginning. 
Not only does it benefit her with free wine and keep her business growing, but it keeps her in touch with the day to day issues that affect everyone on her team.

Mentoring and training are a passion for Tammy, from local meetings to regional events and even special sessions and leadership panel discussions at the annual conventions; Tammy is always focused on making everyone around her better.

Tammy and Jeff have enjoyed the journey so much...the people, the fabulous wines, the travel … Napa, Sonoma, Spain, Maui, Costa Rica, Italy and the Mayan Riviera!  And they’ve achieved that “freedom” they were looking for.  Everyone has a different reason for wanting to build a business … it could be to travel, it could be to meet fun people, it could be to earn a significant income …

For them it is a little bit of all of those and more!