Often we go looking for opportunity, but occasionally it comes looking for us…

Tammy & Jeff in Napa

Tammy & Jeff in Napa

Tammy Nicholls wasn’t looking for a new opportunity in June of 2006 when the wine business came knocking.  Tammy had been a Marketing Director in the hotel world for 12 years before she was recruited to be Director of Marketing & Business Development for an Accounting firm in Dallas TX. Her husband Jeff was the Director of Sales & Training for a small company in McKinney TX, where they lived with their dog, Chuck.

Tammy’s career path had given her lots of opportunities to develop and manage large teams. Her skills were honed working with well-known established brands as well as fresh new startups. A goal oriented self-starter, Tammy built a reputation as a team focused leader.

The couple definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit. They had begun to talk of opening a small business. There was lots of research on different types of franchises as well as considering the possibilities of opening a local wine bar. The costs and risks involved prompted them to continue searching for better alternatives.

Tammy and Jeff enjoyed traveling. They started dating shortly after a ski trip and had been able to enjoy traveling to the Hawaiian Islands, the Bahamas and the Mexican Riviera as well as much of the US mainland.

In researching their next trip, which happened to be in Napa, California Jeff stumbled upon a reference to a wine tasting business that was just opening in Texas. Jeff was intrigued, he had always enjoyed wine and was fascinated by the wine making process, but Initially Tammy did not want to get involved in the business. She had been approached by many home based companies, but had never been interested. After a few days of gentle nudging from Jeff, Tammy agreed to take a look and suggested they contact the winery and see if they could attend a wine tasting.

After a long drive they were invited into a beautiful home where they enjoyed a fabulous wine tasting. Without question it involved great people, wonderful wines and lots of laughter. It was so much fun Tammy and Jeff were hooked. They decided right then and there to start a little wine business. Their goal was to get out of the house a couple of times a month, have some fun together, drink great wines and make a little money.

They found their new “little hobby” to be incredibly rewarding. Soon they saw new friends, free wine, extra money and the possibilities of free travel as bonuses to the fact that they were having a blast! They began to consider focusing on a wine career and developing a real business. They could certainly see the earnings potential...and made the decision that they had worked very hard for other people and made lots of money for other people...it was time to do it for themselves! “Freedom” to them meant being able to work from home …

… and the rest, as they say, "is history"!