I can still remember my very first Monday Night Live call as a brand new consultant with WineShop at Home. Tammy Nicholls welcomed me to the call and I felt so honored.

Tammy has always been one of those special WineShop at Home people that I have admired and have aspired to be like.

She is such a caring a loving person with true desire to see everyone succeed.
Nina AndersonSenior Executive Director
WineShop at Home
Tammy is our secret weapon. She combines a passion for making others successful with a wine cellar full of experience in this business.

Charming and driven, innovative yet practical. She is a secret weapon and she s OURS!
Brian McGuireTeam Leader
WineShop at Home
What I love most about Tammy is her energy, enthusiasm, passion, & ever present positive attitude! When I am talking to Tammy over the phone I can “hear” the smile in her voice…her enthusiasm for the business is like electricity, everybody wants to plug into it—it’s contagious!

Tammy loves her team and has a genuine desire to help everybody succeed. Her dedication to helping others is what leadership is all about—and the speed of the Leader is the speed of the Team!
Marlene CainVice President of Sales,
WineShop at Home
Tammy Nicholls is surely one of our greatest leaders at WineShop At Home. World class in every sense. Filled with both passion and compassion. Passion for the wine lifestyle and the Wine Consultants she leads.

And, because she has built her successful business from the ground up, compassionate care for all those who work hard, striving to make their own dreams come true.

An ethical, strong leader with a heart of gold! What’s not to love?
Jane CreedPresident and CEO
WineShop at Hme
We love inviting friends and family into our home. Hosting a Tasting with Tammy & Jeff is the perfect way to discover wine and food pairings in a casual setting.

Preparing for the tasting is a cinch with Tammy's simple shopping list and helpful hints. In fact, it's so easy we've asked them back three times! Jeff and Tammy lead your guests on a virtual "wine tour" of Napa and Sonoma while sharing educational tid-bits and tips about wine.

Without a doubt, your guests will leave TOASTING this unique experience and selecting a date to host their own!
Stephanie MedinaTravel Agent / Coordinator
Tammy has been supportive since the day I joined WineShop at Home. She respected my request to allow me to make this business what I wanted and not to push me.

Tammy has set a great example working her wine business. She is only a phone call away when I need help or have questions. I'm very blessed to have met Tammy at my Christmas party 8 years ago and hearing that she was the "wine lady", I asked to book a wine tasting.

Tammy and Jeff have guided me in building a fun, successful, and profitable wine business! Thank you!!
Suzanne GriffinManaging Director
WineShop at Home