Some basic information to help you get your questions answered about WineShop and working with us.
As of our most recent year end there were approximately 3100 Consultants. Because of the amazing job of sponsoring and training that our team has done I am happy to report that two thirds of those were on our team.
Wow! That's a great question... we have just announced a new online catalog, mobile app and a variety of host and sponsoring incentives that will take our business to the next level. It is a great time to be with WineShop.
There are two kits available for you to start your wine business.  The first, at $99 gives you everything you need to get started in the wine business as well as your first months wine club, two bottles of amazing artisan wine. The Premium Kit at $199 gives you additional tools for your business AND a total of TWELVE bottles of wine; a four bottle wine club for you to enjoy, two personalized bottles to show and a full sampler...  everything you need to have your first tasting!