Years ago while sipping wine in a restaurant in Dallas a girlfriend and I pondered how we could make a living drinking wine and never have to dress up to go into an office again. Who would have thought years later I would turn a “little hobby” doing wine tastings into a full time career that allowed me to leave the corporate world?

A little background; WineShop At Home is the leading direct seller of handcrafted, artisan wines around the world. We're a bonded California winery based in the famous Napa Valley and the only direct seller that offers exclusive wine brands that are not available anywhere else. We give guests the opportunity to discover, taste and shop for wines in the comfort of one of their friends living room.

Very simply we bring the wine country lifestyle to our customers, giving them the opportunity to try before they buy in a very relaxed, fun environment. We produce all of our hand crafted wines in very small quantities.  None of our wines are sold through a retail store or restaurant; they are only available through a WineShop Consultant. This allows us to produce exclusive limited quantity wines and provide a very unique opportunity to our hosts, customers and those looking for a business opportunity

Our Consultants earn income in five very exciting ways; via in home wine tastings, through our monthly wine clubs, by promoting our incredible personalized wines, crystal and gift baskets, by building a team across the country and through your “24 Hour Storefront” website provided by WineShop at Home.

WineShop at Home has truly been a blessing for my family and I.  It has allowed me to stay at home and work with amazing people all across the country.  This business has take my husband and I around the world For FREE! We have been on exciting vacations through Europe, The Bahamas, Mexico and some of the most beautiful places here in the U.S.. Most of all it has given me the flexibility to live life on my terms and be there for those I care about.

I'd like to invite you to “come for the taste and stay for the lifestyle” as we say and join us in this incredible journey. Start today and join us as a WineShop At Home Consultant and discover the rewards that a career in the world of wine can bring. You will not find a more caring and helpful group of people that The WineShop Rockstars.  We love to motivate each other and celebrate every new milestone.  Why not give us a try?

Tammy Nicholls
Senior Executive Director, WineShop at Home