Why choose WineShop At Home?

To better understand how WineShop At Home works is to first understand what is direct sales? Direct selling refers to sales that occur through independent sales representatives, usually not from a store but from the customer's own location.  Simply put, we sell wine for our winery.  We are not sold in stores or restaurants so we only sell directly to the customer.  By doing so, we are able to keep the cost of the wine down while keeping the quality up!

Benefits of being an Independent Wine Consultant:

  • Our product is consumable and we sell to both men and women.
    We carry no inventory and our product line is quite simple: wine, wine club, gift baskets, stemware and wine accessories.  We don’t carry thousands of products to overwhelm a customer!
  • With so much competition out there from vitamins to jewelry, we aren’t competing against hundreds of different companies for the same “type” of product.  Our product has been around forever!  Ever heard the word “saturation”?  You won’t be hearing that with our company! 
  • Our company is a refreshingly different option to choose from for great supplemental income!  Lots of people have heard of “xyz” company, but so many have never heard of us before.
  • Our commissions are incredibly generous between 20% to 44+%!  You can also earn free wine every month and earn fabulous incentive trips.  Want to go to Barcelona, Spain in 2016 for free?  You can earn that just by selling wine!
  • You can work this alongside any full time or part time job and is ideal for stay at home moms!
  • The investment to begin your wine business is so low, it takes the “risk” factor out so it’s worth giving us a try.  You risk more by not trying than trying us out!
  • Our average commissions at a tasting can range from $80 to over $100 for about 2 hours of work!  Not going to find that doing retail!
  • The flexibility this provides is priceless.  This allows you to enjoy your family time and still make a great income!
  • Don’t know much about wine?  It’s ok, you don’t need to!  All the info you need is provided to you by the winery.
  • Don’t consider yourself a sales person?  That’s ok too!  Consider this a referral program where our company will pay you to talk about how great our wines are to others at a tasting. 
  • If you had $400-$500 more a month coming in that you currently don’t have now, would that make your month look different and what kind of difference would that make?
  • Give us a try.  Opportunities like this don’t come around that often.  That $500 extra that you would like to have has got to come from somewhere.  Why not with wine?