We believe that working with WineShop is the best way for anyone to have a lot of fun, enjoy some great wines and change their lifestyle.  Whether your goal is to make more money, travel more or meet some great people WineShop at Home is definitely where you want to be…

Once you have made the decision to join WineShop at Home you may be wondering where you should plug yourself in. We urge you to check out the WineShop RockStars, Tammy Nicholls team. Working with Tammy will truly give you the greatest opportunity for success. Tammy and her leadership team have put everything in place that you need to get your new wine business off to a fast start and help you build a solid long term income.

The keys to success in any business are preparation, practice and persistence. You want to study the basics of the business, implement the  steps that successful leaders do and surround yourself with coaches and mentors that will help you make this a long term success. To help you achieve your goals and dreams Tammy has put into place a variety of tools and training:

New Consultant Training
In addition to a weekly New Consultant Training Call Tammy has a library of tools available on the WineShop RockStars group site to help you learn the basics and help you get off to a fast start.  Add to that the one on one training that Tammy does with everyone she sponsors and you can see why her team consistently sees success quickly.

Step By Step Business Coaching
Tammy has held a weekly training call called “Monday Night Live” for over 7 years.  Initially Tammy and her husband Jeff did all of the training, but as new leaders emerged she began to utilize their unique strengths to create the most dynamic training program available in the company. Every phase of the business is covered and recorded so you will have access to laser target training at the click of a mouse.

Ongoing Wine Knowledge
Once a month Jeff does a “Wine 101” call to give you a better handle on the new releases, a little about the history of wine and some great wine trivia.  The goal is not to turn you into a “Cork Dork” but to give you a comfort level about wine and the wine country lifestyle. Wine is about friends and family getting together…  what could be better than that?

Leadership Training
Once you have made the decision to move into leadership you will have an incredible array of tools available to you.  Tammy does a weekly Leadership Training Call and mentors many of her team members helping them make that step into leadership with all of the recognition, travel and income that comes with it.

Whether you are looking to make WineShop a hobby, or want to build it into a lucrative carrier Tammy will work directly with you every step of the way. You owe it to yourself to team up with people who will mentor and motivate you to succeed. If you are ready simply click on the “Get Started” button below.

A true leader and friend, Tammy is always committed to helping others succeed and aspire to great things!

Never selfish, she is always inspiring us to reach for the stars! She is always saying "you can do this," and showing us the way! She is an encourager, always seeing the positive in everything you do! There is no question she is a consistent role model!

When I told her I wanted to earn Barcelona, Tammy said "well let's do this," And helped me track and set my goals! She followed through every step of the way!

Tammy is all about helping others succeed, having fun, and loving what you do! She's absolutely amazing and I am so excited to be on her team!!!!
Michelle AshbyTeam Leader

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Awards and Recognition


Tammy has earned every major award that WineShop at Home presents to its top leaders at convention including:

  • Excellence in Personal Volume
  • Excellence in Sponsoring
  • Excellence in Central Team Volume
  • Excellence in Leader Development
  • Rising Star Award
  • President’s Circle Award
  • Founders Award